Affinity Alliance is a technology-enabled insurance agency that works with affinity organizations worldwide. We provide tailored insurance coverage that is a valuable member benefit to and a reliable revenue stream for the organization itself. 



Affinity Alliance is tech-enabled with an end-to-end insurance fulfillment backbone that allows us to process policies at maximum efficiency. This enables us to provide your membership with a consistent user experience, and allows us to pay more for qualified insurance leads. If your organization doesn’t have an affinity insurance program, you should talk to us. If your organization already runs an affinity insurance program, you should definitely talk to us, as we can bring you more revenue!


Behind our unique technology platform is a group of passionate and experienced insurance professionals who stand ready to help your members at every step along the way. Affinity Alliance will provide advice and service whenever your members need it.


Our technology infrastructure is easily customizable to resemble to look and feel of your organization, if you prefer. We offer a seamless “white label” approach that puts your organization in the spotlight, if desired.



Want to secure a reliable revenue stream and a valuable member benefit? Contact Affinity Alliance today!

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